Commercial Property Inspections

Anthony Perry’s Inspections provide commercial property services in Northeast Ohio. Our team has performed commercial inspections on every type of building & our commercial property inspectors are certified and have the experience needed for your property. Each of our commercial inspectors are Certified Master Inspectors and has a minimum of five years full-time experience performing commercial and residential property inspections, participate in Continuing Education Programs (CEU’s) and have completed over 4,000 fee paid property inspections.

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Tips for commercial

property inspections

If the building is a motel, office building, apartment building or has multiple floors, have every room checked on the top floor for damage from the roof. Even if the roof looks good water can travel many ways and mold could be a factor.

Have all of the first floor rooms checked for moisture or heaving in the floors due to improper drainage of foundation.
If there is a indoor pool have the area checked for proper ventilation, wood rot and mold.
Do Not take chances or try to save money by avoiding having these items checked by the inspector. It could end up being costly for any of these repairs.

All reports are detailed and easy to read!

Anthony Perry’s Inspections provides Commercial Property Inspections and Assessments uses a baseline for providing reports to assist investors, companies, developers and lenders in the decision making process when purchasing, leasing, selling, rehabbing, investing, lending and managing of:

Commercial Property Condition Assessments (PCA's)

All of our property condition assessment inspectors use the baseline property condition assessment. You can specify deviations to meet your individual needs and building type. These deviations would be mutually agreed upon and clearly stated in the engagement documents and final report. These deviations may exceed the assessment standards and include dismantling and operation of key systems like HVAC, maintenance suggestions, long term replacement schedules.

If your short term budget does not allow for any surprises during first year or two of ownership, you might want to consider a commercial property inspection which is more invasive and inclusive than an assessment. Property Condition Inspections generally exceed the above standards by having our commercial inspectors include dismantling and operating key systems such as furnaces, electric panels, hot water heaters, etc. The information gained by these invasive procedures will normally allow us to exclude documents and interviews commercial standards. We have the flexibility to custom tailor your inspection for your project and situation.

get the big picture

The end result provides you with a more detailed picture of what kind of operating condition the major equipment is in and how maintenance (good or bad) has effected its life span.

full details in 2 to 3 days

The final report will list deficiencies to remedy and a detailed report with representative photos, if appropriate. Reports are generally computer generated and available 2-3 days after the inspection.

Immediate reports for small projects

For smaller projects requiring an immediate report, we have a comprehensive report that is a combination of narrative and check list. All reports are designed to your specifications.

Ready to get started?

We are able to apply a standard pricing formula for most typical buildings that we inspect making it quick and easy for us to provide you with a firm quote over the phone for most properties. Properties that do not follow this format can be quoted the same day if we receive a copy of the listing sheet or other additional information indicating the type of usage, size of the building, size and amperage of the electric service, number of HVAC units, size of lot, etc.